September 27, 2017

What We Do


We promote Economic Development, Career Development, Academic Development, and Health Development.

Economic Development: We promote entrepreneurship and poverty alleviation as follows:

  • Training and provision of start-up funds for youth micro establishments.
  • Community mobilisation through empirical surveys and lobbying for change action with community leaders.
  • Local and global networking through for fundraising in support of youth initiatives.

Career Development: We promote skill improvement and professional insertion as follows:

  • Training and insertion for volunteers in leadership, community mobilisation, and project management.
  • Computer literacy and alphabetisation programs.
  • Specialised training and talent development programs.

Academic Development: We are engaged in intellectual capacity building as follows:

  • Provision of guidance counselling and career orientation to students.
  • Project design, monitoring and evaluation assistance to individuals and community groups.
  • Provision of academic and research assistance to students and young professionals.

Health Development: We work for the promotion of a healthy community as follows:

  • Peer counselling on social issues and promotion of healthy lifestyles.
  • Community sensitization campaigns on salient community health issues.
  • Elaboration and initiation of community primary health care access promotion scheme.


In 2010, the founder of ACADI launched an initiative that builds capacities in children and teenagers and provides career orientation for them in the exhibition of their talents, alongside academic and physical development. The Amazing Stars group was registered as a charity organisation in 2016, and functions as a subsidiary arm of ACADI in favour of the promotion of welfare and talent development for children. More than 300 kids have been reached through this program, with the engagement of children’s gospel music, dancing, drama, training in musical instruments and public speaking.

The promotion of peace, especially the engagement of young people in peace building is paramount to economic stability and national growth. ACADI is actively involved in building the mindsets of youths towards this. As such, connecting with other youth organisations across the continent and beyond is an opportunity for us to learn and adapt better strategies, as well as propose useful solutions to the youth problems in the continent, while joining efforts to ensure the achievement of the Global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).