September 21, 2017

About Us

Academic and Career Development Initiative Cameroon (ACADI) is the platform that provides holistic youth empowerment and career development. 

ACADI Cameroon believes that all humans are born with personal potentials and values; those that are hidden need to be uncovered and perfected, while those that are already known need to be strengthened and empowered.

We have indulge ourselves in several activities such as career orientation, computer literacy, peer counseling, capacity building in leadership and entrepreneurship, outreach, research, and volunteer development. 

We have over the years inspired and assisted many youths to develop career goals and personal development plans.


The youth especially in Sub-Saharan Africa are rich in natural talents and skills, but unfortunately, they lack the financial and material resources that are required in order to make any great achievement. They also suffer from lack of mentorship and orientation in the business of life.

The dissatisfaction of the youth, unemployment, rural exodus and ‘bush-falling’ – brain-drain phenomena, laziness, and discontentment about the state of the nation, have devastating effects on the peace, stability, social integration, health, and economic growth of our nation.

We hope that through our work, and with the cooperation of like-minded youth organisations, as well as the support of people of goodwill and development partners, we will be able to contribute our own quota towards enhancing youth engagement in nation-building, as well as the socioeconomic development of Africa and the world at large.


Guidance Counseling and Career Promotion for all Youths.


Developing Potentials, Improving Livelihoods.




Hard Work

We are committed to improving livelihoods of community members and promoting a better future, through inspiration, creativity and entrepreneurship.